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AUGUST 6 - 8, 2024


In today’s market, there is a high demand for full-service real estate agents who are qualified to represent hedge funds, servicers, asset management companies and investors just as confidently as they do Mr. and Mrs. Smith next door.

Most traditional agents do not understand that complexities of handling a distress asset, and asset managers don’t want just any agent working on their properties.

They want an REO Certified Agent representing them and their assets. An agent who has been specifically trained to handle the special needs an REO property has, not just someone who will check tasks off a list. They seek someone who will increase their sales amount, decrease the time on the market and bring them a higher ROI.

The REO Certification will provide the highest education that real estate agents can learn from a former REO Asset Manager, High Risk Loss Mitigation Manager and consultant to Asset Management Companies, Hedge Funds and Private Investors around the world.


“I own the five offices of Summit Realty and have been in the real estate industry for over twenty-seven years as a Broker and Auctioneer. In all the years, there hasn’t been anyone who knows our industry better than Bubba Mills. He has set the bar so high that no one can reach him.

Bubba is the master at helping us stay current in our real estate market, whether new or seasoned. Bubba offers so much value, and I always get away with valuable information—a great refresher on what worked in the past and what will now work in our current market. I highly recommend this to anyone licensed.

If you want to earn, why not learn from the best?”

Laura Dietz

Broker, Summit Realty


We’re adding classes and locations for 2024, so check back for more!

REO Certification class and exam being held via Zoom on August 8 - 10, 2023



August 6 – 8, 2024
via ZOOM
8:00AM – 12:00PM PST

Brokers - Call for pricing 800-957-8353


The REO Certification is not a self-paced online course.  The content is taught in person over the course of either two full days in an on-site environment or three half days on Zoom. Agents must make a full commitment to be an REO Specialist, not just watch a few videos and answer some questions.  

Bubba will not only be the instructor of the class, but he will be able to answer questions pertaining to real life scenarios, and provide best practices to the students that a self-paced class will not allow.

I’ve known Bubba Mills for over a decade and it’s his commitment to best practices, education and training that have led me to not only support his training initiatives, but partner with him on several collaborations.

Remaining committed to global growth, Bubba’s relationships with industry leaders across various sectors of real estate, along with his personal experiences in executive management, have allowed him to truly assemble a best practices program that equips those who participate in his program with tools, references and resources to enhance their services, uncover additional revenue opportunities and become a more effective leader.

Ryan Hennessy

Chief Executive Officer, Keystone Asset Management


Bubba Mills is the owner and CEO of Corcoran Consulting & Coaching, an international small business, mortgage, and real estate coaching company, whose clients are recognized as some of the most successful and influential professionals in their respective fields.

Bubba promotes best practices and the development of innovative ideas in Distressed Real Estate Liquidation. Bubba is an outspoken advocate of compassionate REO and Short Sale disposition and corporate responsibility.

Bubba was the former REO Operations Manager for Financial Asset Services and has also held the positions as the High-Risk Loss Mitigation Manager, Mergers and Acquisitions, Wholesale and Retail Origination and Pool Sales Departments for 4 Major Companies.

Bubba currently serves as a consultant for Hedge Funds, Asset Management Companies and Multi-Billion Dollar Investment Funds.

Bubba was the Exclusive Five Star Institutes REO Certification Instructor and served on the AREAA Advisory Board, NAHREP Advisory Board, WinDS Education Committee and California Association of Mortgage Brokers Education Committee.

Bubba has spent 30+ years in the business world, crossing industry boundaries and building a diverse collection of relationships and experiences He has been recognized by National Mortgage Professional Magazine for multiple years as being “One of the Most Connected Mortgage Professionals”. It is from this deep pool that Bubba draws his speaking material. Bubba is passionate about relationship-based business and believes strongly in corporate responsibility and community involvement. His goal in speaking is always to encourage and challenge his listeners toward excellence and success.

Bubba is a member of the National Speakers Association, and has been awarded their designation as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). He holds seats on the Forbes Real Estate Council and Coaches Council, and is an author for Scotsman guide, Forbes Magazine, and National Mortgage Professional Magazine.

Bubba Mills has been a leader in the REO industry for many years.

He excels in teaching, coaching and equipping people with the knowledge, tactics and tools needed to succeed.

His REO Certification program will be another success, and I highly recommend his program to anyone seriously wishing to take part in this niche marketplace.

Christian Moore

Sr. Vice President of REO, iServe Real Estate Operations


Preparing you to be a full-service Solution Provider to your clients

Bubba Mills has put together a comprehensive program on the complexities involved in selling distressed assets.

His decades worth of experience is rolled together and taught in one all-inclusive, immersive setting.

This is a rare, all-access, learning opportunity that is not found elsewhere in the REO and distressed asset space..

Jim Steffen

Chief Executive Officer, Crestview Asset Management Services


Learn how Asset Management companies run: How they receive assets, get graded, go through examples of a “Statement of Work”, discover roles and responsibilities of each department, and how you can be their go-to agent!


All attendees will learn the best practices of all the tasks associated with being REO certified. Just a few of those tasks include inspections, property preservation and reporting, repair analysis, marketing plan development, auction/alternative disposition. Too, you will learn how to structure and effectively communicate analytical data to the client and how they use that data to make property level decisions.


You’ll learn How each asset is taken through the life cycle, understanding loan and asset conversions, performing value analysis for As Is vs. Repaired, as well as learning advanced strategies to determine value.


You will go through the process of breaking down a Fannie Mae BPO into 7 sections and gain best practices, review two case studies and learn how to review a BPO like an Asset Manager, which will make you a valued provider, how to provide value in a drive-by BPO, and prepare an internal BPO.


Building a system: before, during and after sale. Includes creating an action plan for prelist and investor marketing, drip campaigns, and open house techniques. Includes building a network of and relationships with vendors, and developing negotiation techniques with service providers. We’ll also go over alternative liquidation strategies, increasing the your value to the client.


Defining diversity and inclusion and certification/designation awareness such as WOSB, HUBZone, VOSB and more. Followed by a discussion of the benefits of obtaining designations/certifications.


You’ll learn a plethora of skills in advertising and marketing including Every Door Direct, landing pages, Facebook marketing, Matterport technology, websites that attract buyers, phone apps and IVR technology and so much more that will help you to sell properties faster with full price offers, along with creating buyer leads.


You’ll learn how to leverage your real estate clients into building multiple business opportunities that you can own or do a JV partnership with. Examples include: probate sales, property management, buyers agents and listing partners to name a few.

As a real estate professional with over 20 years in residential real estate, serving corporate institutions and Asset Managers, I am always looking to keep up to date with today’s technology and educational training to better serve my clients.

This year, I decided to take the REO Training with Bubba Mills and I bow to his knowledge in providing such excellent training class certification. Therefore, my advice to those agents looking to dive into helping banks and Asset Managers in the disposition of REO Assets is to do yourself a favor and take the REO Training with Corcoran Consulting’s Bubba Mills. His class is easy to follow with clear and to-the-point instructions, not to mention all the good resources he gives after the class is completed.

Rosa Hilda Vasquez

Licensed Broker in Fl, MD and VA, Casamerica Real Estate


We’re beginning to add dates for 2024, so check back for more!

REO Certification class and exam being held via Zoom on August 8 - 10, 2023



August 6 – 8, 2024
via ZOOM
8:00AM – 12:00PM PST

Brokers - Call for pricing 800-957-8353

"I have worked with Bubba Mills for over 20 years. Any and all classes that he presents are filled with valuable and practical information. I have personally witnessed how effective his certification class is to agents wanting to learn how to be a top notch REO broker. As an REO Asset Manager I was impressed with the knowledge and handling of properties by students of Bubba Mills. Besides being knowledgeable, Bubba makes his classes fun and enjoyable. There is never a dull moment in one of his classes. If you want to be successful, take Bubba’s class and you too can be the best of the best."


"Bubba Mills is a wealth of knowledge. He has been instrumental in helping to take my brokerage from average to exceptional. He shares his experience in a down to earth way (with humor), making it easy to understand and apply. He will walk you through the REO process from cradle to grave, offering tips and best practices. Bubba’s program is an absolute game changer. I highly recommend for both seasoned REO agents and newbies hoping to launch their REO division.."


"For over 10 years I have known Bubba Mills. He is one of my go-to for advice and truth about the REO industry. Whenever I see that he is going to be leading a training or session, I immediately sign up for it. I always learn something new from him and he gives trusted, experienced and current information. I always admire that he tells you the truth, even if it’s hard to hear, you know you’re getting the right information."


"Bubba Mills was an integral part of my REO Business and I attribute my success to him. When I started with Bubba Mills, my REO Business was all over the map with no strategy and I was reactive instead of proactive. Bubba taught me that there was no “trying” in business either success or failure. I was provided with a plan of action and accountability which helped me everyday to become stronger and more successful. He consistently made me go outside my comfort zone and have a plan. I would highly recommend Bubba Mills for a coach or anyone of his highly trained employees. My email is and would welcome any questions you may have."


"Bubba knows REO! Learn from the best who has seen all parts of the REO experience from asset management, to being on the ground, to speaking to spending time coaching the Top REO agents across the country. Bubba has helped my top, middle and most importantly my bottom line. REO is tough, but, with Bubba’s guidance he makes the process smoother, more enjoyable and very profitable. I’ve sold over 3000 homes total and I’ve sold over 1000 REO’s."



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