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What Some of Our Clients and Asset Managers Have Said About
REO Certification and Bubba Mills

Ryan Hennessy

Chief Executive Officer, Keystone Asset Management

I’ve known Bubba Mills for over a decade and it’s his commitment to best practices, education and training that have led me to not only support his training initiatives, but partner with him on several collaborations.

Remaining committed to global growth, Bubba’s relationships with industry leaders across various sections or real estate, along with his personal experiences in executive management, have allowed him to truly assemble a best practices program that equips those who participate in his program with tools, references and resources to enhance their services, uncover additional revenue opportunities and before a more effective leader.


Broker, Front Door Realty

Jennifer Ruspini

Realtor, Ruspini Realty

I recently had the privilege of attending an REO certification course focusing on the best practices employed by asset managers. To say it was enlightening would be an understatement. Bubba Mills, our instructor, was nothing short of phenomenal. His depth of knowledge, coupled with his ability to communicate complex concepts with ease, made the learning experience both engaging and insightful.

But what set this course apart was that it went beyond just REO specifics. It delved deep into the best practices essential for anyone striving for excellence in the real estate field. I came away with a treasure trove of actionable insights that I’m confident will significantly enhance my professional journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to all real estate professionals, whether you’re navigating the REO landscape or simply aiming to elevate your game in the industry.

Jo Ann Outland

Broker/Owner, Outland and Associates

Bubba covered it when he shared his knowledge of what the asset managers expect from us. We had a unique and intuitive look into the life of an asset manager, which is never shared with the REO agent. That was very enlightening and very much appreciated.

He shared with us what he expected in BPO’s. Having taken BPO certification courses, his was excellent. He shared what he expected in photos, addressing comps, in a way no other BPO certification class has touched.

I would recommend any agent who is serious about the distressed property market take Bubba’s course! You don’t know what you don’t know. He covers a lot in his 12-hour course, and quite frankly, I could have listened to another 12 hours. He makes it fun!

Namneet Dhaliwal

CEO, Broker, Zone Realty

I have obtained REO certifications and sold many REO properties since I started my REO journey in 2008.

This REO Certification was by far the best. It was to-the-point information about the life of REO Assets, how to do the BPO. obtain listings, and serve the asset managers best.

It was free from the sales pitch of any products offered by Corcoran Coaching. For anyone who is looking to start their REO business, learn from the veterans in the industry, and that starts with Bubba Mills.

Dave Wagner

Realtor, REO Team Lead, RE/MAX Gold

Absolutely one of the best REO Training courses I have attended. I particularly found the information from the perspective of the Asset Management company and the Asset Managers extremely enlightening!

Bubba is a great educator and mentor. With his wealth of knowledge, I would take any course he offered.

Dane Newland

Titanium Real Estate, PC

At Five Star, I think if Bubba’s class was the only class I would have taken, I think I would have walked away extremely satisfied. High way of teaching makes you remember things. I think that the REO Certification by far was the best class I have taken regarding how things should be done when it comes to REO Properties. I would highly recommend his course to others.

I have been an REO agent since 2008, and have taken a multitude of different classes. His class was by far the best class I have taken personally with regard to REO. His humor and bigger-than-life personality makes him an AWESOME speaker. I would highly recommend this class. One thing I would say is that this class was supposed to end at 5:00PM on Saturday night, YET NO ONE WANTED TO LEAVE and it went until almost 6:30PM – just a wealth of knowledge. Just take it. You won’t regret it!!

Tamika Mutcherson

Coldwell Banker Asset Realty

I would definitely recommend Bubba and this REO Certification!!! Bubba was amazing and provided so much value in this course. Overall, Bubba was one of my favorite instructors ever!

I felt we had gone over so much information, and he even spent some time giving us points that he would recommend each agent do to increase business opportunities.

I loved the course, and I will return for additional courses that the Corcoran Coaching and Consulting Team offers.


Melinda White

Broker, Keller Williams Realty, First in New York

As a seasoned REO agent I was not sure what to expect from this class but I was pleasantly surprised to have learned quite a bit. Bubba discussed many topics from an asset management perspective and even gave tips and tricks on how to break into the business as well as build upon your current clientele.

Bubba even advised on how to use REO to grow the retail side of your business! Bubba was very engaging and the information given during this 3 day course was priceless.

I would highly recommend that any agent, new or seasoned, take the course – you will not regret it!

Rosa Hilda Vasquez

Licensed Broker in FL, MD and VA, Casamerica Real Estate

As a real estate professional with over 20 years in residential real estate, serving corporate institutions and Asset Managers, I am always looking to keep up to date with today’s technology and educational training to better serve my clients.

This year, I decided to take the REO Training with Bubba Mills and I bow to his knowledge in providing such excellent training class certification. Therefore, my advice to those agents looking to dive into helping banks and Asset Managers in the disposition of REO Assets is to do yourself a favor and take the REO Training with Corcoran Consulting’s Bubba Mills.

His class is easy to follow with clear and to-the-point instructions, not to mention all the good resources he gives after the class is completed.

Jill Rand

Broker, Heritage Estate Properties

Bubba Mills is a wealth of knowledge. He has been instrumental in helping to take my brokerage from average to exceptional.

He shares his experience in a down to earth way (with humor), making it easy to understand and apply. He will walk you through the REO process from cradle to grave, offering tips and best practices.

Bubba’s program is an absolute game changer. I highly recommend for both seasoned REO agents and newbies hoping to launch their REO division.

Shelley Kaye

Former Sr. Asset Manager for Option One Mortgage, and Former President of REOMAC

I have worked with Bubba Mills for over 20 years.  Any and all classes that he presents are filled with valuable and practical information.

I have personally witnessed how effective his certification class is to agents wanting to learn how to be a top notch REO broker. 

As an REO Asset Manager I was impressed with the knowledge and handling of properties by students of Bubba Mills. 

Besides being knowledgeable, Bubba makes his classes fun and enjoyable.  There is never a dull moment in one of his classes.  If you want to be successful, take Bubba’s class and you too can be the best of the best.

Debora Gordon

Broker, ICON Real Estate Group

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Bubba Mills and his REO Certification course. 

I have taken several classes from Bubba and gotten to know him and his wife Beverly both professionally and personally.  Bubba has been there to support and guide me when needed. His knowledge and experience are a gift that he is willing to share. 

Bubba is known throughout the REO Community and has many connections. His Speaking Engagements, Coaching and REO Certification classes, shows his commitment to the REO community.

Bubba has a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh.  I am honored to call Bubba and Beverly friends.

Christian Moore

Sr. Vice President of REO, iServe Real Estate Operations

Bubba Mills has been a leader in the REO industry for many years.

He excels in teaching, coaching
and equipping people with the knowledge, tactics and tools needed to succeed.

His REO Certification program will be another success, and I highly recommend his program to anyone
seriously wishing to take part in this niche marketplace.

Julie Baldino

Broker, Front Door Realty

Having been a real estate broker for 20 years, I can honestly say that ANY class with Bubba is money well spent! Not only does he teach tips and tricks in acquiring new business, but he educates in depth on how to maintain those relationships for years to come.

His teaching style is very clear, concise and direct – which I appreciate because I am often short on time. Bubba’s experience in REO spans decades, and he imparts all of that “insider” wisdom in his programs. You will leave with pages full of practical notes that can be applied to your business instantly, as well as renewed confidence in your abilities.

Not only do I highly recommend any of his training programs, I also recommend him for coaching. His assistance throughout my career has been instrumental to my success and invaluable to my company’s growth!

Jim Steffen

Chief Executive Officer, Crestview Asset Management Services

Bubba Mills has put together a comprehensive program on the complexities involved in selling distressed assets.

His decades worth of experience is rolled together and taught in one all-inclusive, immersive setting.

This is a rare, all-access, learning opportunity that is not found elsewhere in the REO and distressed asset space.

Ron Cedillo

Broker/Owner, Home Buyers Realty

Bubba knows REO!  Learn from the best who has seen all parts of the REO experience from asset management, to being on the ground, to speaking to spending time coaching the Top REO agents across the country.

Bubba has helped my top, middle and most importantly my bottom line.  REO is tough, but, with Bubba’s guidance he makes the process smoother, more enjoyable and very profitable.

I’ve sold over 3000 homes total
I’ve sold over 1000 REO’s 

Shari Potts

Broker, Inland Realty Services

Bubba Mills has been a leader in the REO industry for many years.

He excels in teaching, coaching
and equipping people with the knowledge, tactics and tools needed to succeed.

His REO Certification program will be another success, and I highly recommend his program to anyone
seriously wishing to take part in this niche marketplace.

Daniel Bragg

CCIM Candidate, Coachella Commercial Real Estate

I have worked with Bubba of Corcoran Consulting for over 15 years. He is one of the true leaders in the default industry. 

Not only is he a great coach and mentor. He is a genuine, ethical, and nice guy that I am proud to call a friend!

Bubba is also a great business builder and speaker, with many connections in the industry.  I would highly recommend his certification and it will no doubt have lots of credibility in the REO space. Sign up today!

Windy Keef

Business Development Director, REO Network

For over 10 years I have known Bubba Mills. He is one of my go-to for advice and truth about the REO industry.

Whenever I see that he is going to be leading a training or session, I immediately sign up for it. I always learn something new from him and he gives trusted, experienced and current information.

I always admire that he tells you the truth, even if it’s hard to hear, you know you’re getting the right information.

Lana Detro

Founder and CEO, Default Industry Leaders

Bubba Mills is the top professional in his field. He comes from a place of experience in real estate and the REO industry.

Bubba brings new ideas and ways to help others learn what he is already proficient in.  When I have a question about what to expect as the market begins to swing back to the REO side, it’s Bubba that I ask.

He always has insight and is willing to share his knowledge with others who want to learn.

Whether you are a brand new REO agent or a seasoned veteran, I highly recommend being a part of Bubba Mills’ new REO Certification class. It makes a difference to the clients who want to know that you are experienced and certified by the best.

Yvonne Barmettler

Broker/Owner, Fine Properties, Inc.

Bubba Mills was an integral part of my REO Business and I attribute my success to him. 

When I started with Bubba Mills, my REO Business was all over the map with no strategy and I was reactive instead of proactive.  Bubba taught me that there was no “trying” in business either success or failure. 

I was provided with a plan of action and accountability which helped me everyday to become stronger and more successful.  He consistently made me go outside my comfort zone and have a plan. 

I would highly recommend Bubba Mills for a coach or anyone of his highly trained employees.  My email is and would welcome any questions you may have.

Valerie Kubacki

Dream Team Agents, LLC

When I started in real estate in 2009 I cut my teeth on working short sales. I was watching the REO agents, looking at the pictures in the MLS on them and thinking I could do better.

The marketing was non existent just put it in the MLS and it will sell eventually. After attending your training you taught me that these REO’s should be treated and marketed like any other home. That if there are coats, unopened soaps etc… grab them and donate them, Keep a broom. paper towels and a cleaner in your car because it takes two minutes to sweep up that mud someone tracked in or wipe that window that was smeared on the front door.

These homes may not be perfect but we can make them better with just caring. You taught safety, compassion, and most of all pride in what we do.

My asset managers constantly thank me for caring and getting the highest prices possible. Agents constantly tell me they are surprised by how nice my assets look, how helpful I am with their paperwork and how smooth I try to make the transaction.

Your training did that. In the areas that I took over because the REO company right sized (nice for downsized lol) the agents did not want to sell these because they couldn’t get their clients’ offers accepted due to the listing agent. When I took over I helped with the paperwork, cleaned up the asset and secured them correctly and sold inventory they couldn’t move because the agent was trying to get their “friends” offers accepted at a low price.

You taught me it takes a village to work together to make it successful. I actually have trained several of the local agents not on how to list them but how to sell them and the class is always packed.

Harry Solomon

Broker/Owner, NOVA Real Estate Services

Bubba is the brother that I’d always dreamed of, Smart, Handsome and Funny.  (He made me write that for the beginning of this testimonial!) But most important of all, he knows REO!

Major corporations have hired him to train and certify their REO agents. 

As an experienced REO agent (since 1982) I still learn things from Bubba’s class and always make sure that I bring my entire office to his REO Boot Camps or Certification classes.

This is a no nonsense class that teaches you the nuts and bolts of handling foreclosed/REO property. It also teaches how to approach asset managers and REO professionals to give your elevator speech. 

There are several certifications out there, but I believe that Bubba’s is the best. He’s been in the field, in the office and pretty much handled all aspects of REO.

Even though I’ve been at this a long time, I still run into things that cause one to pause. Bubba is the one central location that I turn to for everything REO.

The other benefit is that Bubba usually has a few decision makers from financial institutions on hand to speak to everyone, both at the classes and also socializing with the agents. They aren’t hiding in their rooms or off site. They are there for the duration and approachable. 

His class is cheap at twice the price. 


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